Made in Concrete, Washington
Painted with interior enamel, acrylics, a range of mediums, and specialty paints; Beneath at least 2 coats of Liquitex acrylic varnish, atop 2.5 inch thick, approximately 6ft 8in wide, hollow-core wooden doors with painted sides. They hang flush to the wall on two screws by two holes in the back; Standard central spacing of the mounts facilitates easy swaps.
Prices range from 300 to 3000. Drop a line if you're curious.
Free delivery to the PNW; I'm also happy to swing by your place with a few pieces to check out (with no obligation to purchase).. Let me know if you'd like to see a quick photo mockup of a piece in your setting, and or send additional photos/videos of potential pieces (varying angles, distance, and light temps).
You can trade in any piece, for any reason, for another (this has come in especially handy when folks have moved, remodeled,  and or changed decor). For example: If you purchased a piece for 1000$ and wanted to trade it in for one that goes for 1500$; The new painting would cost 500$. If you wanted to trade between a piece that sold for 1500$ for one selling for 1000$; No money would change hands, but you'd have a 1500$ credit towards a new one in the future. This mutually constructive courtesy is only effective within the Pacific Northwest for as long as I'm willing and able (no legal obligation).
Thanks for having a look! All comments, concerns, questions, suggestions, requests, etc welcome: